Build and deploy scalable

Enterprise AI/ML Solutions

We deliver enterprise grade solutions by combining best in class Research work, Use case specific solutions and Industry domain expertise.


Our services cover the entire AI/ML lifecycle - We Consult, Design and Implement to customer project specification whilst working with the latest Technologies, Tools and Platforms.

Data Collection & Preparation

  • Crawl/ Acquire/ Transalate
  • Cleansing/ Enrichment
  • Annotate/ Store
  • Analyze

Feature Preparation

  • Tokenization
  • Segmentation
  • Annotation
  • Tagging

Model Training

  • Architect/Design
  • Parameterization Tuning
  • Cognitive Feature Testing
  • Manage/Maintain Rules
  • Edge case handling


  • Model Management
  • Versioning
  • Model Tracking
  • Performance

Industries & Solutions

We work with enterprises across a few select industry verticals wherein we have used AI/ML technologies to create solutions that address real world business problems.

  • Vision Pipeline
  • Autonomous
  • SDK Development
  • Product Tagging
  • Behaviour Analysis
  • Shrinkage Detection
  • Shelf Placement Analysis
  • Reduce Checkout
  • Robotics
  • Edge Intelligence
  • Smart City
  • Shopfloor Management
  • Content Discovery and analysis
  • Campaign Intelligence
  • Content discovery
  • Content Analysis
  • Campaign intelligence


Our leadership cumulatively has over 4 decades of expertise in all major aspects of Media and Technology. We bring together the perfect blend of skills needed to Dream, Explore and Create impactful campaigns in the modern digital world.

  • Vinod Soman
  • Sulekha Sharma

Our Work

Our team has experience in delivering robust enterprise grade applications of medium and large scale. Here are some reference projects we have been involved with.

Predictive Analysis

Analyzed shopping data of millions of online shoppers to predict their shopping cart. The resulting models were able to improve the accuracy from 15% to over 70%. The solution is currently in pilot in a large online ecommerce providor.


Using Computer Vision techniques of segmentation, classification and detection this project was used to train models and to determine restocking of SKUs on store shelfs. At the check out counter the trained models were able to identify anomalous check out behavior thereby reducing shrinkage and loss of revenue for the retailer.


Created an application that recognized and authorized the movement of people and automobiles in a smart city environment. The resultant application is able to significantly improve edge analytics and reduce latency while reducing human intervention.

E-Commerce using CV

We built a custom model to scan and measure feet size using everyday smart phone cameras. The Mobile app was further integrated with mainstream E comm platforms and affiliate marketing programs to enable commerce.

Video Content Recommendations

Created data science models for video content recommendations based on relevance, video formats and sentiments. The resultant application provided social media campaign designers an automated way to analyze TB scale data across multiple platforms simultaneously to make informed decisions on Video content prior to the start of production process itself.

Data Labeling

We use both Semi automated and Manual methods to deliver results with a very high degree of pixel accuracy. Our expertise in creating AI applications have been used in combination with Data Labeling teams in multiple areas that deploy Ai including- Autonomous vehicles, Retail, Agritech, Sports and Media/ entertainment.

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